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Growing up I loved art and drawing. My best friend in grade school was an amazing artist and I was very inspired by him. He would be drawing herds of galloping horses during his spare time in class and we were only in the forth grade. My Dads best friend was a cartoonist in Dallas and my grandmother was a famous artist in her hometown with paintings  at many local businesses.  I was very inspired by all of these people.


I took art in high school and after High school I did some of  my first oil paintings. I entered the graphic arts business at that time becoming a commercial hand letterer.  I worked as a signpainter for Charley's Signs in Denver.  Since that time I have been involved in many types of graphic arts and fine art as well. I began doing a lot of woodcut and linoleum type of block printing in about 2000 - 2010.   After that I began to get very interested in painting again and have being doing that as of late.


I have displayed my work in our local art museum, at local coffee shops and galleries, at art shows and in online galleries.


Most of the work I am displaying is from about 2000 to the present.


I love the arts and thank God for his gifts and hope that my art may bring some sunshine into your life as you view it.


Randall Street


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