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I did my first oil paintings a couple of years after I got out of High School. One thing that got me interested (besides already being interested in art in general) was that I ran into a guy when I was out painting signs (I was a signpainter, I worked for Charlies Signs) and we got to talking and he was sharing the many things he had learned about art. He had studied the masters (Rembrandt etc.) especially techniques and color implementation and some secret stuff like how they sometimes used multiple layers of clear with just a little pigment to get unique effects that looked a little three dimensional (like eyes following you around the room etc - this is also the technique that high end body shops use to do "candy apple" paint jobs). It got me interested enough that I started doing some oil paintings after that.  My Grandmother was a famous artist in her hometown with paintings all over at various businesses, the bank etc., so I think I was inspired by her also.  In fact there were many things as I was growing up that influenced me to pursue art I remember even as a child like friends who were artists in grade school, my Dad's best friend who was a cartoonist, art class in high school, etc.


Though I didn't pursue the oil painting that often after a while, I began to explore a number of various art techniques some of which was also part of my business with painting, airbrush, pin stripping, hand lettering, calligraphy, computer art and so on.  I got interested in silk screen and it eventually led to printmaking. I wanted to pursue printmaking solely as an art career at one time and put a lot of effort into the whole thing (You can see some of my printmaking art there under the printmaking tab). Around 2010 I started painting again in gauche and acrylics mostly, some of what I have displayed here.


I love the arts and painting for sure. I hope I can bring some sunshine into the lives of those who view it.


Randall Street


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