This is an online gallery displaying some samples of my artwork that I have done over the last 20 years or so (and some really old sign painting photos).


I grew up in Colorado but I have lived most of my life in Indiana.  I've been doing art and graphics since I was a child. I was inspired very young to pursue art from various artists including members of my family who were artists. I did modern art oil paintings when I got out of high school for a short time .  Because of the art and calligraphy I did when I was in grade school I began to work in the sign & graphics industry at about 19 doing hand painted signs and billboards and eventually worked also in various computer graphics (I still do some signs, vehicle graphics, printing and website work, etc.). In the 90's I decided to pursue fine art as a business and began doing printmaking art at that time. I have displayed my work at coffee shops and art gallery's and even at a local art museum for a special show. The various art styles I do are printmaking, acrylic and oil painting, pastels, chalk drawings, pen and ink, vinyl art, and digital computer art. Areas of art I work in are scenic, folk, impressionism, pinstripe art, abstract. I work up a lot of ideas for my art in chalk, pen and ink and from my own photography.


Randall Street

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